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May 10, 2015

Lupe Tortillas in College Station

Had lunch at a new place - Lupe Tortillas in College Station. Looked promising with lots of reviews of tasty drinks and dishes to try. This round went with the Carne Asada, Chips with Beans and Salsa, throw in the sauteed green onions, and a plate of Ice Cream and Sopapillas... someone left with a full tummy!

Carne Asada was tasty; tender and juicy with a hint of lime coupled with the charbroiled taste made this one high on the list of Carne Asadas. Will try this one again in the future!

Salsa was good but the Bean Dip was better. Almost like a Bean Soup instead of a Dip; still a very good topping for the chips!

So, after chowing down a meal, a good amount of chips and salsa/bean dip, went the extra step and ordered Sopapillas.

Glad we did... liked the Ice Cream and Honey that was served with them! Oh well, looks like an extra mile or two this next week is needed to recover from this overload of calories!

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