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November 20, 2011

Cooper's Pit Bar-B-Que (New Braunfels)

Had lunch at a local favorite in New Braunfels.  Cooper's Pit Barbecue offers a variety of meats, just no plates.  Food is served on trays and butcher paper is used instead of a plate.

You chose your meat, they cut it up and wrap it, then pickup a container of potato salad, cole slaw, and cobbler if you like.  Pay the cashier, then head to a picnic table with jars of Jalapenos placed within easy arm reach wherever you sit.

Before you start eating though, you serve yourself a healty portion of beans, add onions and pickles and bread, and then pick up utensils.

"It's all about the meat" is what the Restaurant is famous for.... In our case, we were not disappointed.  Like the concept of unlimited portions of beans, bread, and jalapenos. 

Will keep this one in mind when we are back in the area and have a craving for barbecue.  Standout favorites this round were the Beans (very tasty) and Pecan Cobbler "a la mode"!

Bottomline:  Left the Restaurant in a food induced coma!

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