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January 2, 2011

Twisted Root Burger Company (Fairview)

Checked out the Twisted Root Burger Company in Fairview for lunch today.  Ordered a Bleu Cheese and Jalapeno Burger, a Peppercorn Ranch Burger, Straight Fries, and Drinks.

Filling meal... burgers are made using a 1/2 pound of beef!  Like the light buns.... just be prepared for the price.  Lunch meal price tag was just over $25.  More than we really like spending for a burger lunch meal.

That said, the restaurant offers a Pickle Bar that includes a "Chuck Norris Recipe" called the Atomic.  Also, there is a Chipotle-Ancho Ketchup, a Barbecue Sauce, and a Honey Dijon Mustard that provide a new twist to the normal condiments.  And, their Root Beer has caffeine!

The decor is based on 50's drive-in movie theme -  a "Snack Bar" for the kitchen and lawn chairs and picnic tables, vintage movie posters, and a large movie screen playing - guess what - movies on the wall.

Burgers are filling, beer is served, and other burgers like Elk and Buffalo are offered.  Comparing with other burger joints in the area, consider the following:
  • Mooyahs for price, quantity, and taste (of a traditional burger).
  • Village Burger for their drink specials and sweet potato fries.
  • Twisted Root Burger Company for a taste of something different than a traditional burger.

Today's Lunch Meal

Pickle Bar, Condiments, and Decor

Menu Sample

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