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December 24, 2009

Japan House in Plano.

While out shopping, stopped by the Japan House at 300 West Plano Parkway in Plano.  It is a buffet style restaurant that offers sushi, steak, and seafood.

Entrees are cooked in small portions so the food remains fresh and hot.  Sushi and Sashimi Bar is first rate.  Add in the Seafood and Salad Bar, Udon Noodle and Shabu Shabu entrees, Hot Grill and Tempura section, and a Hibachi and Dessert Bar and you have a wide variety of dishes to select.  Bottomline: You will find something that you will like.

Expect to pay around $20.00 for Lunch; more for Dinner.  However, you should not be disappointed. 

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