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July 15, 2018

Saltlight Station #pho

Tried a new place for dinner. Saltlight Station in Allen, TX serving pho and other tasty foods. Yours truly opted for the Texan Pho, Spring Rolls, and Pork Sandwich. Tasty dishes... going to come back for more!

Eight 11 in Frisco #restaurant

Dinner Friday at Eight 11 in Frisco, TX. Lots food and drinks to chose from but what has us coming back are the Texas Chips and Godfather Pizza. Add a flight of beer and cocktails... was a fun evening!

Gloria's for Dinner, too! #latincuisine

Had Brunch at Gloria's in Fairview last weekend. The weekend before had Dinner at the Gloria's in Garland. Guess we like the food... hint, hint, hint! Steak with an Enchilada, Rice, and Beans on the side! Also, had margaritas... frozen peach and traditional.

Gloria's for Brunch! #latincuisine

Gloria's at Fairview for Brunch last weekend! Went with the Steak and Eggs and lots of Chips and Salsa! Black Bean Dip continues to be a favorite as well.

Grist Mill for Tortilla Soup and Salad #gruene

Late dinner while in Gruene, TX. Opted for a light meal of Tortilla Soup and Salad. Liking this one; filled the hunger pangs without feeling overly stuffed afterwards!

El Nopalito for Breakfast #texmex

Breakfast at El Nopalito's in New Braunfels, TX. Normally order Breakfast Tacos but decided on the Pork Chops and Eggs. Great choice... will order it again next time we are in town!

The Quest Revisited - "Best Tasting Red Sauce and Green Sauce for Breakfast Tacos" #breakfasttacos

Several years ago we started a quest to find he "Best Tasting Red Sauce and Green Sauce for Breakfast Tacos". The quest was extended and eventually morphed to its current form... how does it compare to the Red Sauce and Green Sauce at the Sac-N-Pac in New Braunfels.

A recent trip to the area, left us bumming. It turned out the Sac-N-Pac is a Stripes Convenience Store, and they changed the recipe for the sauces. It's more a fresh and tasty salsa versus the spicy and slightly oily sauce that had us coming back for more.

That said, we are replacing the Sac-N-Pac's (aka Stripes) Red and Green Sauces with El Grande Burrito's Red and Green Sauces. Their sauces came closest to the old recipe Sac-N-Pac offered customers.

For more on El Grande Burrito, see their website at:

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