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April 28, 2017

Anamia's in Plano for Lunch Fajitas and Brisket Tacos!

Decided on more Mexican cuisine. This round was lunch at Anamia's in Plano. Fajitas, Brisket Tacos, fresh made Guacamole, and a couple of Margaritas! All was good... plus Ice Cream with shredded coconuts and Kalua. Yum, yum!

La Finca Chaquita for Dinner... Always Tasty!

Had a craving for Carne Guisada and Queso and Chips. Sure bet has been La Finca Chaquita in Allen. Not too pricey, tasty food, and hidden near Downtown Allen.

April 18, 2017

Local Diner - Coppell

Checked out a cool place in Coppell for Breakfast. It's the Local Diner! Lots of breakfast foods to pick from plus they make a tasty shake. No pictures of the food. But, regardless, will be back for more food!

April 10, 2017

Ranch 99 in Plano...

Was out grocery shopping at Ranch 99 in Plano. Decided to grab a bite. Huge portions of Pho and some entree that I cannot recall what it was. Tasty though!

April 2, 2017

The Garage in Norman, OK

Stopped for a burger last night and watch the tail end of the Gonzaga vs South Carolina basketball game. Burgers were tasty; went with the Egg N' Ator - a burger with a fried egg!

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Last Friday dined at Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine in Norman, Oklahoma, Ordered Pad Thai and a Thai Peanut entree. Also, had Chicken Satay for an appetizer. Food was good; just needed a little more spiciness here or there. However, since one of us dining has a low "heat" tolerance, went with the mild spiciness instead of the normal "sear your mouth" spiciness that we prefer!

No worries though, add the Thai Chiles in Fish Sauce condiment to dishes, and all was good again! PS: Cool looking "rice mouse" bowl!

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