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October 27, 2016

Choctaw Casino and Smash Burger!

Been some time since playing the slots a Choctaw. Went this past Sunday and enjoyed a few games... was ahead for a little bit, then stopped when we broke even! That said, had a Smash Burger for the first time. It is a tasty burger!

PS: Oops! Snuck a Margarita drink in the days play from the Parrot Bar!

Gift Cards and El Pollo Loco!

Received some gift cards from a great group of friends for El Pollo Loco! Really like this gift... had a hard time breaking away from the daily grind but finally did the other day and had dinner at Allen's El Pollo Loco! All is good in the world!

October 2, 2016

Manny's Restaurant

Just down the road from the Rustic is Manny's Restaurant. Pleasant surprise finding this one. Tasty Tex-Mex... ordered Enchiladas, Brisket Tacos, and Guiso Mexicano. All were good; will need to come back and try the Carne Asada! PS: Salsa is spicy the way we like it!

The Rustic in Dallas

After a little driving around, finally found the restaurant. The Rustic offered food, drinks, sports on TV, and live music. Overall, liked the place. Only had Potato Chips Queso but it was good. Did have a variety of drinks and beers! Whatever the fufu drink with all the fruit and the popsicle in it is called, would say it is strong in liquor! Will have to come back to try it again.

Mash'D in Frisco

First time eating at Mash'D in Frisco. Ordered drinks and food. Drinks were strong! The Peach Moonshine was a favorite! Went with Chicken, Burgers, and Bulgogi Tacos (Korea meat Mexico). Next round, skip the Chicken go with the Burgers and Tacos! Queso was good with a little Chorizo mixed into it.

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