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February 29, 2016

Wild Salsa at the Village in Fairview

Tried Wild Salsa a couple of weeks ago. Ordered Margaritas, Salsas, Quesadilla, and Fajita Tacos. Surprised there was not a Carne Asada on the menu. Normally when trying a new Mexican Food Restaurant, will order the Carne Asada. If it's good, will come back for other items on the menu. If not good, will skip it and go to a different restaurant.

Key Take Aways:
  • Margaritas are tasty but are not strong and are pricey
  • Salsas are good; like the Habanero one the best - sweet and spicy
  • Quesadillas - skip it
  • Fajita Tacos are good and priced @ $3

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