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July 28, 2015

Mi Camino Restaurante

Had dinner at Mi Camino Restaurante in Dallas just off Northwest Highway near Love Field Airport. Not been here before, so went with the normal order we place when trying a new Mexican Food Restaurant. Ordered the Carne Asada.

Tasty meal that comes with a Rice and Beans and a side of Avocado/Salad. Would order it again in the future. Price is comparable to Christina's and Gloria's,

July 27, 2015

Tortuga Mexican Grill in Galveston

Had the Chile Relleno and Grilled Tuna at Galveston's Tortuga Mexican Grill. Really great meal; would order either entrees again... whenever we are back in the area!

Tino's Too for Carne Guisada

Normally order the Steak Picado but this time wanted the Carne Guisada from Tino's Too. Tasty, tasty, tasty....

Dairy Queen Steak Finger Basket

Had a craving for DQ's Steak Finger Basket while on the road. Saw a chance while passing through a small town off of I45. Stopped and ate... craving satisfied!

July 20, 2015

Billy Bob's Quail Sliders!

Won tickets to a Roger Creager Concert at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, Texas. Had a great time, good music, tasty food, strong drinks, and good company!

Lat time we were here we did not try the Quail Sliders - Grilled Quail Breast on a Slider Bun with French Fries. Sure enough we did not pass the chance this time.

Liked the Quail Sliders and the generous amount of French Fries. Through in the Everclear Song and two very potent Bourbon and Sprites (doubles) and we were definitely in the festive mood.

Nine Band Pale Ale

Was out for dinner one night in the Legacy Shops in Frisco or was that Plano. No worries, point is while ordering drinks noticed a local brewery's pale ale was offered. It's called Nine Band Brewery in Allen, Texas! Cool... even tastes great!

Taste Testing Continues for the "Best Tasting Breakfast Taco Red Sauce and Green Sauce"... This One is Close!

Quest continues for the best tasting Breakfast Taco Red and Green Sauces.

This round takes us back to North Texas at Grande Burrito in Allen. Ordered Chorizo, Eggs, and Potatoes, and then tried their Red Sauce and Green Sauce.

The Taste Team admits this one comes very close to the New Braunfels' Sac-N-Pac Red Sauce and Green Sauce. The only issue is they are closing in the next few weeks.

Sure hope they re-open soon and nearby. Stay tuned for more...!

2015 Quest - While You Are Dining's "Best Tasting Taco Red Sauce and Green Sauce"

List of Taste Tests as of July 20, 2015
  • January 10 - Mr. Takito in Allen, Texas
  • January 10 - Primo's Convenience Store in McKinney, Texas
  • January 11 - El Tacontento Taqueria in Plano, Texas
  • January 17 - Fast Zack's Taqueria in Allen, Texas
  • March 7 - Restaurante Colima in McKinney, Texas
  • March 29 - La Michoacana Meat Market Deli in McKinney, Texas
  • April 18 - Sac N Pac in New Braunfels, Texas
  • July 20 - Grande Burrito in Allen, Texas

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