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March 22, 2015

Dirty Rooster's Bleu Burger...

Stopped at the Dirty Rooster for a burger and some brewskis. Ordered a Bleu Burger with the Homemade Warm Potato Salad. Tasty burger that well with the served warm style potato salad.

IHOP for Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

Had breakfast at IHOP. Been some time since last eating here. Ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. Forgot the Chicken Fried Steak was bigger than what I recalled... but may be mixing this with another restaurant. Still made a tasty breakfast.

March 7, 2015

Back to La Finca Chaquita... Fajita Ranchera!

Decided on dinner at La Finca Chaquita the other day; not on the menu anymore but still can order it... Fajita Rnachera - a rib-eye steak with shrimp!

Taste Testing Continues for the "Best Tasting Breakfast Taco Red Sauce and Green Sauce"

The quest for While You Are Dining's "Best Tasting Breakfast Taco Red Sauce and Green Sauce" continues. This round it's Restaurante Colima in McKinney, Texas!

Tasty and spicy Red Sauce and Green Sauce. We think the Green Sauce is pretty good! Missed the Breakfast Taco cutoff time, so went with Fajita Tacos for now.

Stay tuned for more...!

2015 Quest - While You Are Dining's "Best Tasting Taco Red Sauce and Green Sauce"

List of Taste Tests as of March 7, 2015
  • January 10 - Mr. Takito in Allen, Texas
  • January 10 - Primo's Convenience Store in McKinney, Texas
  • January 11 - El Tacontento Taqueria in Plano, Texas
  • January 17 - Fast Zack's Taqueria in Allen, Texas
  • March 7 - Restaurante Colima in McKinney, Texas

Pictures for March 7....

March 2, 2015

Tino's Too for Steak Picado and Margaritas!

Had dinner at Tino's Too in Plano last week. Went with the Steak Picado and a Margarita. Even did a round of Karaoke that a Private Party was hosting. Nice to have a stranger join in! Lots of fun with the Steak Picado tasting as good as ever.

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