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March 26, 2011

Olive Garden (Village in Allen)

Went for a bite last night to the Olive Garden in Allen; enjoyed some tasty food and great wine!  Ordered Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, Chicken Marsala, Salads, Minestrone Soup, and appetizers (Three Sampler - Cheese, Calamari, and Stuffed Mushrooms).  Finished it off with a dessert that was like Apple Crumb Pie with Ice Cream.  Forgot the name but it was good!

Cannot go wrong with the entrees at Olive Garden, but the main reason we go is for their House Wines that cannot be bought anywhere else!

March 19, 2011

Boston Pizza (College Station, TX)

Back on the road to the old alma mater.... Stopped for lunch at Boston Pizza.  Ordered Spicy Chicken Nachos, Jalapeno and Onion Burger, Bacon Burger Sliders, Fish Sandwich, and a Caesar Salad.

Burgers and Fish Sandwich were good but nothing to rave about,... and salad is salad.  Got to really be bad at cooking to "hose" a salad.

But,... strongly recommend the Nachos.  The chips are crispy and more like a thin crust pizza than nacho chips.  Big news is each chip is coated with cheese!  Add the spicy chicken, beans, jalapenos, salsa, and guacamole and you have a "D**N" Good Nacho!

Consider Boston's Nachos to be the best we have tried to date!

Tino's II (Plano,Texas)

Had a hankering for Steak Picado from Tino's II.  Still tasting good, still liking the moderate prices.  Be sure to ask for Chiles with your Queso Dip.  They are spicy to some, mild to others, but no matter, the cooked Chiles go well with the meal.

March 10, 2011

Village Burger, Again!

Thursday night and craving for a quick bite but not fast food.  Opted for Village Burger at Watters Crossing for Margaritas, Burgers, and Fried.... Left with full stomachs, but no buzz.  Decided on limiting ourselves two one drink each.  Gotta keep our day jobs and be ready to work tomorrow.

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