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May 3, 2009

Umeko Sushi and Grill in Plano.

Along Legacy just before Central (Hwy 75) in Plano is the Umeko Sushi and Grill. Although we are not big on Sushi, we do like Terryaki and Tempura.

Out on errands, we noticed the restaurant's parking area seemed full and had a steady stream of customers. Two good signs when we try out a restaurant for the first time. This mainly applies to already established restaurants and not "grand opening" events. Applied to the Umeko Sushi and Grill, we were not disappointed.

Our entrees of choice - in other words, what we order everytime, are the Silver Box or Golden Box Dinners.
  • The Silver Box has Chicken Terryaki, Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura, California Sushi Rolls, Rice, and a Fruit.
  • The Golden Box is like the Silver Box but has Beef Terryaki and Tuna and Shrimp Sushi instead of the Chicken Terryaki and the California Rolls.
  • Both dinners include a Miso Soup and side Salad.
To keep with the dinner's Japanese theme, we drink Asahi Beer - a Japanese beer made from rice.

The restaurant is in a strip mall that includes an Asian food market, other restaurants, and shops. Look to the east end of the strip mall, and stop by the Umeko Sushi and Grill (at 240 Legacy Drive in Plano) when you get a chance.

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