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April 19, 2009

Cadillac Pizza Pub in McKinney.

Hidden in Downtown McKinney is the Cadillac Pizza Pub. Enjoy pizza cooked in a brick, wood-fired oven and some great Blues music.

The pizzas are tasty and are not the normal take-out fare. We especially gravitate to the Coupe Deville Pizza which is a "meatatarian's" delight. Topped with two types of Sausage, Canadian Bacon, and Pepperoni!

Add Margaritas served with crushed ice (no frozen Margaritas available) and you are ready to jam to the music.

Thursdays are "Open Blues Mic", so be prepared for anything. Saturdays are a venue for local bands to entertain the Pub's guests.

One band that keeps us coming back is the Buzz Andrews Band. They put on a great show. So, get ready to get "Buzzed" when you go!

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